Absurd Halloween Cyclocross Race

These people are wearing some ridiculous costumes while competing in a bike race over dirt and mud  called the Halloween Cyclocross Crusade. Some of the costumes are actually pretty good, and some are pretty funny, so it only adds to the hilarity when they wipe out and eat dirt.

Gloucester Cheese Rolling

Every year in Gloucester, a small city in England, hundreds of people arrive to chase a wheel of cheese down a really, really steep hill. What follows as about a minute of absolute mayhem – people face-planting, taking each other out, breaking ankles/shoulders/noses, all in order to win a wheel of cheese. Pure insanity from the English.

Personal Highlights:

The fact that they don’t even have enough room for people to stop and so have to position tacklers at the bottom.

2:25 Р hit on the guy in blue, clothes-line city.

As an added bonus, here’s a slow-motion version of people falling.